chiang dao hot springs

Chiang Dao Hot Springs
A favourite with locals, these hot springs are open to all with no entry fee.
The Chiang Dao hot springs are not to be confused with Pong Arng Hot Springs which are around 35 kilometres from Chiang Dao. These hot springs are actually located in Chiang Dao, a few kilometres away in Ban Tham village, the same village where the Chiang Dao Caves are located.
The hot springs are made of several concrete basins connected by a pipe. All have different temperatures, some ranging from between 50 and 60 degrees celsius.
They are provided the hot water from the mountains which is directed to these tubs through a simple network of pipes.
The closest basin to the rocks has the highest temperature and as the water is flowed through to the rest of the basins the temperature drops meaning the end basin next to the stream is the coolest.

Roughly 3/4 people can fit into one basin however they are ideally suited to two people if you want a relaxing experience.

Be prepared that sulpher content is high in the water so you will be able to smell and feel it on your body. Once you have been in the hot springs for a short while your body will become acustomed to it.

Despite these being public hot springs, they are kept remarkably clean as people take care not to use soap which would contaminate the water.
Please respect that these are a public bathing space and wear modest bathing suits or clothes that you will not mind to get wet.
There is no place to get changed so bringing a towel would be wise to dry yourself when you are finished using the facilities.

Locals tend to sit in a hot basin for 15 minutes maximum then splash themselves with the cold water in the river before returning to the hot spring again. This is to regulate the body temperature and avoid over heating.
Locals also suggest visiting the hot springs at night time when the temperature is cooler to fully appreciate the waters temperatures, however there is no lighting so please be careful when navigating yourself around.