When in Chiang Dao you are probably here to enjoy all the nature. You will see the mountainous backdrop to this small town and want to explore right away. The best way to fully enjoy the nature and epic scenery is to immerse yourself in a guided jungle trek. Suntan of Chiang Dao Hut and iChiangDao is an experienced guide with a passion for the great outdoors. When you sign up for his guided tour you sign up for a one-of-a-kind private hiking experience. Suntan is certified with TAT and has lived in Chiang Dao since 2011.

For 1,500 baht you will get a full-day adventure. Your tour will start with coffee and tea at basecamp. Then you need to grab your bamboo hiking stick and hit the trail! Be sure to wear proper attire for this experience as the trail is rugged. You will likely need long pants, close-toed shoes (or reliable hiking sandals), bug spray, and something to protect your head and/or shoulders is recommended. The trails all vary but you should be prepared for steep forested paths with dry leaves, sun-exposed trails, as well as some water-crossing sections.

The trails to the best viewpoints are, at this time, unincorporated and unmarked which is why a guide for your experience is absolutely necessary for your safety. Please do not try to venture into the mountains/off trail, on your own. Plus, having a guide means you get constant positive encouragement to continue up the trail even at the tiring/steep parts! Your reward at the end of the majestic view makes these steep paths well worth the struggle.

At the top of your hike, a picnic lunch will commence. It is such a serene experience to eat homemade Thai food that you unwrap from banana leaves atop a mountain after working so hard to get there. The view makes you feel on top of the world while also reminding you how small you are. When you’re done eating you can have peace of mind that you did not bring garbage up with you and you can return your banana leaves to their jungle home.

Be prepared for your experience to take the whole day. You will get picked up at 9 AM and start your hike by 10 AM. Depending on the abilities and speed of your trekking group your hike will take 4-6 hours roundtrip. Afterwards, you will relax at basecamp with fresh papaya salad and more coffee, tea, and snacks. You can sweeten your coffee or tea with honey that was harvested just up the road! Your coffee was also harvested nearby and you will appreciate having a truly local, organic, hiking day.

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