Within Pha Daeng National Park and just a few kilometers south from Sri Sungwan falls is the beautiful Pong Arng Hot Springs. After playing in the waterfalls come to this spot of earth’s natural hot springs to relax and enjoy.

The springs are made of two natural pools (51 and 58 degrees Celsius) that flow 30 meters away to man-made pools for you to sit. Signs are present asking that you rinse off before entry and to maintain silence so everyone can have a peaceful time. Be very careful upon entry because the pools have natural algae built up and are very slippery. These hot springs are special from other locations because the sulphuric smell is not as strong which makes the experience much more pleasant. Entry is included with your Pha Daeng National Park day pass. Price is 100 baht per adult, 50 baht per child, and 20 baht per motorbike.

Enjoy the nature all around you especially the tree branches over your head and do what you came to do— relax!