Have you ever imagined playing in a jungle waterfall like Tarzan and Jane? If yes then you are in luck. Sri Sungwan waterfall and river is a truly magical experience and coming here will make you feel like a true king or queen of the jungle. The water flows over limestone rock and is known as a “sticky waterfall” because, unlike normal river rocks, these are not slippery! You really can walk straight into the waterfall with sure footing and not worry about being carried away.

This waterfall is located inside Pha Daeng National Park which is within Chiang Dao District. The drive from Chiang Dao town is roughly 35 minutes by car. Plan for 45 minutes to an hour if you drive a motorbike. The entrance fee for tourists is 100 baht/person with a 30 baht parking fee for car and 20 baht for a scooter. Definitely a worthwhile cost for the experience of a lifetime. The park is beautiful and clean and your payment gives you access to the entire park including the nearby Pong Arng Hot Springs.

When you arrive to Sri Sungwan waterfall your first thought may be that it doesn’t look like much, especially if you go in the middle of the dry season (November – April), because the water can be quite shallow. You get in the water to cool down, though, and soon you are going for a casual walk down the waterfall!

You walk across the orange rocks and your feet are firmly gripped to the ground. You can relax as the water flows around you and take a seat at the top of the waterfall. There are maybe 6 different levels of the waterfall very close to each other for you to walk and play. When you are done relaxing in the cool river (which is a perfect temperature for a warm day) you can exit the river onto the parallel pathway or just climb back up the waterfall to where you originally entered. Because this is a climbing activity it is wise to exercise caution and to climb safely.

So mark your calendar and make this a priority for your trip to Chiang Dao district. You will never regret walking on the sticky waterfalls and feeling like a jungle native.